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Specializing in Commercial & Single Family homes in South Bend, Indiana.


we focus on :

Single Family homes


We have a vast amount of recently refreshed rental properties available for investors.



We renovate and repair old, properties and turn them into stunning, new homes .


There are many , but to find the right one for you is what we are teh best.



We will take care of evaluating the cost of refurbishing and rehabbing properties so you don't have to worrie about.


Real estate Managment 

we are working with the top of the real estate managment companies in the area to make sure of your investment sucess.



all of your ligal needs in one place.

we are taken care of your ligal actions to make sure your investment is secure.



Banko Capital has been aiding investors in growing their endeavors in Real Estate for over 10 years, specializing in renovating residential homes and commercial buildings primarily in South Bend, Indiana. 

When real estate investing for cash flow you need to do your homework and choose a rental property located in a market with long-term potential, such as one with historically high occupancy rates, rather than one subject to volatility. If your rental property is located in a market where property values plummet, your potential for cash flow is much lower. That’s why you need to do your homework and choose your property wisely. Ultimately, you are investing in the market, and not the property.

While it sounds simple enough to invest based on cash flow, you need to ensure  you obtain rental income properties capable of consistently generating cash flow. To do that, you’ll need to plan for the unexpected, like a sudden flood that forces your tenants to evacuate, or other threats that could reverse your cash flow. Including unexpected costs in your monthly cash flow calculations will help to ensure you not only have invested in the right market, but in the right property, too.

Look for market opportunities that offer lower property values and high rents, this is the magic formula for producing positive cash flow. At Banko, we invest in the South Bend Indiana area because of the lower property value to high rent opportunity. This market, along with our experience, allows us to consistently provide above average returns for our clients.




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