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Real Estate

What We Do

  • Selling properties in the US

    Selling properties in the US

    Banko Capital sold over hundreds of properties, our expertise is different we search for foreclosure property, industrial buildings and property management.

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  • Renting properties in the US

    Renting properties in the US

    Banko Capital is not only the promoter who buys and sells assets. The company also is a member of the management process. It is easier and much safer when buying a property and its managing is done by the same company. Both parties have mutual interest that the property will be leased.

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  • property management company

    property management company

    The Banko capital group has been dynamic in the land market since 2008, works in securing homes and receivership.

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  • Over the last 3 years Banko Capital has been manging a few condos for me in Mishawaka , i ma very happy ,with the serivce  and  the manamgent.

    Jayne Hughes – Mishawaka
  • I have been working with banko Capital for over 6 yersa  bankoCapital has shown a very hig lever for porfesnalty  as an investo i measure many partmters  , I ma getting  my monthly rent on time and the house is being rented over 6 years now.

    David Thomas – Granger
  • Banko Capital has manged to redifned the real estae market standerts  ,for me working as a broker in south Bend refering clicents to Banko Capital was naturel since ithey truly understand the value of the and the serivnces customers excpect to recive  after 4 year of working side by side I feeel Banko capital is one of the broker in South Bend who refer clients to us to manage , working with us for the last four years , getting great feedback from his clients etc

    John Tiffany

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